Buy Japan Club

Buy Japan Club Terms and Conditions

This section includes terms specific to Buy Japan Club Members ("BJC Members") and does not apply to non-members. All other terms and conditions except as described in this section are subject to the general terms and conditions of this site.


  • The purpose of this service is to provide an additional service related to the sale of our green tea products to our customers.

  • This Terms and Conditions" ("Terms") will apply to Buy Japan Club Members ("BJC members") who use our shopping proxy services ("Service").

  • For those who wish to use our service, upon agreeing with this Terms and registering on our site with the necessary information through our prescribed process, will qualify as a BJC member upon approval by our company.

  • Our terms will apply to all BJC members, and all BJC members are obligated to comply with the contents.

  • We reserve the right to change or specify new individual agreements at any such time as we deem necessary. In cases where the Terms and individual agreements contain contradictory statements, individual agreements shall be preferentially applied. Individuals who wish to use our service acknowledge that using our service constitutes acceptance of both the Terms and of any individual agreements, and accept that these apply collectively to all use of our service.

  • We are not liable for any damages or losses caused by violation of the Terms.


  • The qualification of the BJC member is to meet all of the following:

    1. Individuals who have a history of purchasing our green tea products on this site within one year (including the date of purchase of such our products), or pro shop members store.

    2. The identity and address of the person can be confirmed with the official ID and public documents, and the accuracy of the contents, including contact information, is guaranteed.

  • Applicants must apply by filling out a form prescribed by us.

  • We reserve the rights to deny BJC membership, and/or to suspend or terminate BJC membership.


  • This service is the proxy purchasing service that we purchase items chosen by BJC members (“Items”) from designated online stores (“Seller”) and ship purchased items to BJC members' registered addresses.

  • Sellers are determined and selected by us based on the purpose that this service offering is an additional service related to the sale of our green tea products. Sellers who are eligible to use the Service, carriers who can be used in conjunction with the Service, and product types, sizes, weights, prices, delivery destinations and other conditions allowed by the Service are restricted to the scope specified by us. The BJC Member may not use the Service outside the scope specified by us.

  • We are responsible only for the purchase and delivery of a product specified by the BJC Member and is not responsible whatsoever for inquiries regarding the description of received Items, claims, defect liability, or other demands etc.

  • We will purchase the Items from the Seller on behalf of the BJC member.

  • The BJC Member shall empower us to enter into carriage agreement with carriers in the name of such BJC Member, and we will enter into such carriage agreement of the Items with such carrier in the name of us or such BJC Member. Unless we should be liable for damages in connection with such carriage, in no event shall us be liable for any damages incurred in such BJC Member in connection with such carriage, including but not limited to non-delivery, delay of delivery, damages of Items.


  • We will purchase the Products on behalf of the BJC Member by the method where we confirm application for a purchase from the BJC Member. After the BJC Member requests proxy purchase of Items, the BJC Member may not cancel the request even if a proxy consignment contract has not yet been executed unless we give its consent.

  • The transfer of delivery from us to the BJC Member is completed when the Items are shipped from us to the carrier.

  • The BJC Member shall bear costs for purchase of the Items by us on behalf of such BJC Member and costs of delivery of the Items (collectively the “Payments of the Items”), and we will bear rest of the expenses of the Items. Payments of the Items may include: 

    1. delivery charge of the Items from the Seller to us

    2. expenses in connection with purchase of the Items including remittance charge to the Seller

    3. Japanese Taxes applicable to the Items and custom duties in the place of destination

    4. charges for using the Service, storage/handling charge and costs for foreign delivery. 

  • The BJC Member shall pay the charge indicated by the Service to us at the time of proxy purchase of Items based on designated payment method by us. We may change the Service's usage charge without prior notification.

  • If the BJC Member breaches the Terms, we may cancel the contract without notice. Even if we cancel the contract, we may claim compensation from the BJC Member for resulting loss. And if we cancel the contract after purchase of Items, we will not refund the item price etc. to the BJC Member.

  • If the BJC Member refuses to take receipt of Items, we may at its discretion sell, discard, return, or otherwise dispose of the Items received from the Seller and the BJC Member may not make any objection whatsoever.

  • After the Items have arrived at us, we shall inspect the Items with the aim of checking the contents. And we will on occasion remove or add packaging as we deem necessary. However, we bear NO obligation to carry out an inspection and the result of the inspection does NOT guarantee the quality of the Items, presence/absence of defects, or authenticity of the Items or that the said Items does NOT violate the relevant laws or ordinances of the originating country, transit countries or destination country. Additionally, Items are received and inspected by us, so it is NOT possible to send directly from the Seller to the BJC Member designated place. The result of the said inspection process does NOT guarantee the quality of the said Items, presence/absence of defects, or authenticity of the Items, that the said Items does not violate the relevant laws or ordinances of the originating country, transit countries or destination country, proper operation, or absence of damage. If the product inspection described detects the Item that violates or is likely to violate the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds or other laws and ordinances, we may act to report such situation and hand over the Items to the police or other relevant government.

  • After the completion of the verification process, we carry out procedures for dispatching or exporting the Items overseas on behalf of the BJC Member. Additionally, the countries that the BJC Member can choose as a shipping address is limited to the Available Shipping Countries decided on by us. We may, at its discretion, determine the delivery method, international delivery charge, and other expenses such as the shipping cost and handling cost required for delivery of the Items according to the weight and size of the Items tabulated during the verification process. We shall at its discretion nominate a handover date for Items., and the BJC Member may not specify a delivery date.

  • We shall fulfill the product delivery process under the responsibility of the BJC Member and in accordance with the BJC Member's instructions. Therefore, we shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for information relating to export and import, such as the Items name, price and quantity etc. written on the invoice, or for the tariff amount incurred on the basis of the said information, or measures such as import bans etc. imposed by the destination country. The BJC Member shall be liable for and pay all tariffs incurred upon the import of the Items and taxes levied by the destination country.

  • Depending on the delivery conditions selected by BJC the Member, we may forecast the delivery method, international shipping fee and other shipping related fees the delivery of the Items ("Shipping Charges") based on the past experiences and know-how cultivated by us according to the weight, size, material, and other conditions of the Items. In this event, the BJC Member shall agree in advance that the Shipping Charges and other costs set by us is an approximate amount and may fluctuate. The BJC Member shall agree in advance that even if the actual shipping fee differs to our estimations, refunds will not be accepted. We shall not be obliged to disclose the expense details or the existence of such expense to the BJC Member.


  • The BJC Member cannot cancel a request for proxy purchase at its own convenience even if this contract has not yet been executed unless we give its consent; nor can the BJC Member cancel this contract after the contract has been executed unless we give its consent.

  • Only In limited case that the Items obviously differed from the description on the Seller's site, we will negotiate with the Seller of the Items on behalf of the BJC Member for the return of the Items and a refund. And we shall refund to the BJC Member the amount of the refund that we receive from the Seller as a result of the said negotiations. However, we do not guarantee the result of negotiations to the BJC Member. If the Items are returned to the Seller owing to a such situation, the BJC Member must bear the operational expense of returning the Items as well as the actual cost of sending the Items.


  • BJC Members shall not use the Service for any of the following products:

    1. Cash, checks, bills, shares or other securities (Including cash vouchers such as for airline tickets) 

    2. Credit cards, ATM cards or other cards

    3. Savings/deposit books or withdrawal cards issued by a financial institution

    4. Narcotics: Narcotics and psychotropic substances as defined by the International Narcotic Control Board as well as other unauthorized substances prohibited by the destination country

    5. Obscene articles: Obscene or immoral articles

    6. Counterfeit or pirated articles: Including Any items obtained through illegal, fraudulent, unjust or otherwise dishonest means or methods

    7. Articles prohibited by the destination country: Articles for which the import or distribution is prohibited by the destination country

    8. Potentially hazardous articles: Articles which, due to their nature or the way in which they are packaged, pose a threat to the delivery agent or the general public or which may be harmful to other parcels, the postal facilities or the property of a third party

    9. Personal correspondence: Private documents (excluding documentary records) to be exchanged between persons other than the sender and recipient (including those in the same domicile)

    10. Hazardous substances: Explosive or combustible substances, radioactive materials and hazardous objects

    11. Live animals and or plants, dead animals or stuffed specimens. Human bodies, human body parts, dead bodies, human remains or mortuary tablets

    12. Valuables: Coins, banknotes, paper money, securities of any kind payable to the bearer, travelers' checks, processed or unprocessed platinum, gold or silver, precious stones, jewels or other valuables.

    13. Correspondence etc. (Printed materials, items for the blind, and small parcels)

    14. Dangerous goods as defined by the IATA and other rules: Items specified under the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (excluding some dangerous items established by the existent enforcement regulations, radioactive materials, and transmissible agents). Likewise, the items specified under the current edition of the Technical Instructions established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as well as under the Dangerous Goods Regulations by the International Air Transport Association are prohibited from shipping using any method. Ex. Alcoholic beverage having an alcohol content over 24%, guns, swords or other weaponry, gunpowder or other explosives, poisons or other deleterious substances

    15. Other Regulations: Items prohibited at import into destination countries by CITES such as ivory and ivory products

    16. Food, drink or other items susceptible to deterioration in quality or decomposition

    17. Pharmaceuticals or medical equipment

    18. Items whose transport, export and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law in the importing or exporting country, state or local government (including intermediate countries)

    19. Any other items not authorized under the carrier's terms of shipping

    20. Any other items deemed to be inappropriate by the Company


  • We may make changes to the contents of or suspend the Service with no prior notice. We shall accept no liability for any disadvantages experienced or losses or damage sustained by the BJC member as a result of such changes or suspension.