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Alibaba.com Online Trade Show

We will appear on "Live Stream" 

December 2,2020: 16:00-18:00 GMT for Europe and America
December 3,2020:   6:00- 8:00 GMT for Asia

  • We will appear on "Live Stream" at "Japan Suppliers Online Trade Show 2020" on Alibaba.com Online Trade Show.

  • Further, we will be exhibiting our short videos during Nov 30 - Dec 13, 2020 PT

  • Those who is a Registered Buyer of Alibaba (free) can watch it for free.

We will actively support your business. The sales channels of our products are expanding to many countries. The target people are as follows. (all excludes Japan)

  • Private label owners in your country.•

  • Wholesalers in your country.

  • Retailers in your country.

  • Hotels, restaurants and cafes in your country..

  • EC sites in your country.

  • Dropshipping vendors in your country.

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Orders over 10kg are also accepted on our Alibaba website.