Can we get immunity to the new coronavirus after infection?

Sad news came from China and Korea. The South China Post reported that post-hoc investigations in Wuhan's recovered patients revealed that they did not produce enough antibodies to prevent re-infection. Bloomberg also reports that the new coronavirus reactivated in 51 patients recovered in South Korea. This may possibility to require a fundamental rethink of the current corona strategy for each country. That is because it means that the effect of herd immunity cannot be expected. And that require to raise awareness of hygiene for each individual and forces their behavior change to protect themselves.

It is two behavioral changes. One is to recognize how each and every day's habits can affect the reproduction of an infection. For example, wearing a mask by itself is not perfect. However, even a cloth mask can stop about 70% of the virus. In addition, it can prevent more than 90% of the splash to others. This has the effect of reducing R0 (Basic Reproduction Number) from 1 to 0.7 or (0.1 for others). Not bare hands, eating with chopsticks, like Japanese food, has the effect of lowering R0. This is the multiplication of R0 for each action. Therefore, with the accumulation of small actions, R0 decreases dramatically like as compound interest calculation. The other is aerosol transmission and infection from things. Specifically, the virus survives even at doorknobs, remote controls, smartphones and mice. This makes it difficult to track the route of transmission. Authority body can track who you have met, but not what you have touched. And this route creates vast of silent spreaders.

Given that, the means of self-defense would be narrowed down. A thorough cleaning of homes and facilities should be done always for infection prevention. You must do this cleaning yourself, not leave it to others. No outsourcing services will clean the remote controller you touch each time. And boosting innate immunity is of paramount importance. In other words, it activates dendritic cells, macrophages, and T cells of leukocytes.

The argument that which is better the enforcement of nations like China or Korea or the rights of free citizens is not the subject here. In any case, these two points above are necessary.

Listening to this news, I Increasingly convinced that green tea habits are increasingly needed. There is no record of a human who died from drinking green tea in 2000 years of history. And I think it should be made known to individuals in the world. I also want to share my insights not only with individuals but with restaurants around the world who agree with that idea. Rather than this blog, I will prepare to release systematically compiled materials soon.

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