Fight against COVID-19.

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Yesterday, March 19th, we decided emergency price cut of our all products.

Because I researched papers again regarding antivirus effects of catechin. The paper was published in those days of SARS virus pandemic.

SARS-CoV-2 of this time is different to previous SARS virus and beside I am not specialist. But having read the article that 95% of the composition is identical, I believe there is a possibility.

The paper shows the result of following:

The population of subjects is very small and is not sufficiently statistically reliable. However, the mechanism that this institution speculates is interesting. SARS virus has many spikes. When the spike comes into contact with the human mucous membrane, the mucosal cells assimilate themselves by misunderstanding of identity. The virus then injects its own RNA into humans, infects and multiplies. Catechin is said to have an effect of disabling the contact of the spike by attaching to and covering this spike. There are several types of spikes, but catechin has the same effect on all types of spikes.

I personally believe this effect and decided to cut prices of our all products emergently. Our force is very small, but hopefully our products can support the fight againstith COVID-19. And we hope all logistics works without problem.

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