Some improvements.

We have made the following updates:

  1. Expand product lineup. Added "tcha-tcha" series. "tcha-tcha" is our second brand of both tea products and real shop. "tcha-tcha" offers price friendly products and shop offers green tea beverages, sweets and snacks of Japan.We added 7 items of tcha-tcha brand and the product shipments are scheduled for May.

  2. The Japanese tea room “tcha-tcha Confluence” of our French subsidiary, has been certified as a Japanese Food Supporter Store by the government of Japan. The certification number is J000-033-182.

  3. Our headquarter in Japan registered US FDA food facility. The registration number is 16110203774.

  4. We have started our membership system for professional shops "Pro Shop Memebership" such as restaurants around the world. We look forward to many people enjoy our green tea products at local stores. We will introduce our member stores on our media (group website or digital magazine) in the future.

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