ZENJIRO's book is now available on Apple Books!

The book introduce correct ways to enjoy Japanese tea which nobody ever wrote. It also describes anti-virus measures including COVID-19 prevention, and anti-aging measures using Japanese green tea. If you're a restaurant in the world other than Japanese food, please buy, as it contains a lot of useful information how to grow your store using Japanese tea ingredients. Tea master ZENJIRO was formerly a senior management of a large medical institution. Read this book and keep your health and get ready for the post-corona.

Table of Contents:

  1. A Japanese family

  2. Non-fermented tea

  3. Good medicine tastes bitter

  4. Basics of virus infection

  5. Antiviral effect of green tea

  6. How to enjoy delicious tea

  7. Arrangement using tea

  8. Storage and best before date

  9. Closing remarks

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