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This tea bag BOX product can be enjoyed in three types: Sencha, Hojicha, and a blend of Sencha and Hojicha.


Sencha: The same JAS organic tea leaves as "ZENJIRO Sencha -Mino Shirakawa" are used.
Hojicha: The same pesticide-free tea leaves as "ZENJIRO Hojicha -Mino Shirakawa" are used.
Blend: Based on the above sencha, it is the best balance can enjoy the harmony of umami and aroma by blending hojicha.


Not only has this product been well received at overseas exhibitions and public events, it is also loved by enthusiastic green tea fans in Japan.


"It's crazy to turn natural organic gyokuro into a tea bag product," said a long-experienced tea industry official.


However, tea master ZENJIRO broke common sense even more. He wants to make it finer than regular tea bag products to optimize for cold water extraction.
This innovation is common to all three types of tea bags. He chose the method that best suits the customer's purpose, rather than the traditional practice.


""If possible, take the time to extract each tea bag with soft ice water and drink it as straight without sugar in a Bordeaux glass, and you'll definitely find firstly the aroma, and tastes pleasant to mouth, and can feel goodness of going down your throat. In addition, the umami taste and the light bitterness will surely make you enthusiastic.". ZENJIRO says.


This Sencha is recommended for those who love nature and love organic foods. In one phrase, this product is "organic gyokuro". Mino Shirakawa is the only organic natural gyokuro sencha. Further, this is the finest one we use only the first picked tea leaves in the season.
*JAS Organic: Processed foods: 21-14


Gyokuro is a literal translation of the honorific title of sencha, which means "gem-like dew" and means sencha with the best taste since ancient times. This tea leaf from Mino Shirakawa, which has the highest altitude of 800m in Japan, is located on a steep slope and is basically a place where pesticide-free cultivation is popular. It is the best sencha made from natural tea leaves that grow in the same soil, the same climatic conditions, and the same water quality as the best architectural wood "Hinoki" used in only wooden palaces. The fog from the river climbs and blocks the tea trees from excessive sunlight. Then, the tea tree suppresses the production of bitterness, and produces umami ingredient. In addition, the temperature difference during the day due to the high altitude stores the umami ingredients in the tea leaves. This is why it is called a miracle terroir. In the samurai era, the rare tea leaves harvested here were not sold to the general public, but were presented to courts and generals. This area was the royal demesne. The word organic has become widespread throughout the world in recent decades, but Mino Shirakawa tea has been an organic farming method for 1200 years.


This area has been selected for the "Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" award. Mechanization is not possible to maintain tea plantations on steep slopes of over 30 degrees, so local farmers' unions take the time and effort to maintain it. It is by no means the effort of a single farmer. Earnest farmers work together to maintain this miraculous terroir and beautiful landscape for generations.


Hojicha is a dry roasted green tea, and everyone loves the nice smell of roasting. Since the tea leaves of Mino Shirakawa originally have a lot of tumami, even after the second picking, more umami remains than in other production areas. This hojicha is cultivated with pesticide-free using a farming method approved by Gifu Prefecture. It is the same as sencha that a farmer's union consisting of enthusiastic farmers cultivates tea plantations on steep slopes in cooperation with each other with time and effort.


The blend of sencha and hojicha itself is very rare. Many Japanese fans also say they have never drunk it. However, this unlikely blend has also captivated even many chefs. After a lot of trial and error, ZENJIRO found the optimum blend ratio and roasting temperature of hojicha.


Enjoy ZENJIRO tea world and your quality of life.



  • The price includes the shipping cost of the most efficient "International e-packet (small air package with international registered mail) " to deliver from Japan to you. If international e-packets cannot be used due to postal conditions, or if you request other means of transportation, you will be charged an additional shipping fee.
  • We also sell this product in Japan. Because it is a very rare tea leaves, the price of tea leaves fluctuates to upside than other products.
  • In addition, since we sell this product in dollar denominated price in Japan, the exchange rate will fluctuate. Due to these two factors, the product price may increase without notice.


Key facts:

We are registering as a "US FDA food facility".

Store of our French subsidiary is certified as a "Japanese Food Supporter Store".
Certification number: J000-033-182 tcha-tcha Confluence

ZENJIRO Green Tea - Mino Shirakawa 1/100 x48 pcs

  • Easy to us, as tea bag product.


    • Tea bags are completely individually wrapped to prevent oxidation..
    • The tea leaf size is optimized so that it can be extracted with both cold or hot water.
    • You can enjoy 3 teacups with one tea bag.