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This is a very popular ceremonial grade matcha (sencha powder) in our shop. 


Matcha is generally made by powdering tea leaves that have been covered cultivation. The name of the tea leaf is ”tencha”, but species is same as sencha. So, it simply means that tencha is a method of increasing umami ingredient. It is easy to understand that if you use tea leaves cultivated in the same way as sencha, it will become gyokuro (gem-like dew), and if you powder it, it will become matcha. 


Many matcha are sold overseas as a ceremony grade or a confectionery/culinary grade.  This grade is never a taste grade, but simply a particle size.  So, there are possible stories for both delicious culinary grade and foul-tasting ceremonial grade. The decisive factor for the taste of matcha is whether the tea leaves themselves are of high quality or not, and the pricing mechanism is also the same.


This product is a matcha made from Mino Shirakawa sencha, which is a "natural gyokuro (gem-like dew) ". The smooth texture is a ceremonial grade (fine particles). It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as practicing traditional tea ceremonyfine drinks, and sweets.  


The biggest feature is that this product is using only the first picked tea leaves in the season as natural gyokuro (gem-like dew) from Mino Shirakawa area, and you can enjoy the best taste.


Becauase this tea leaf from Mino Shirakawa, which has the highest altitude of 800m in Japan, is located on a steep slope and is basically a place where pesticide-free cultivation is popular. It is the best sencha made from natural tea leaves that grow in the same soil, the same climatic conditions, and the same water quality as the best architectural wood "Hinoki" used in only wooden palaces. The fog from the river climbs and blocks the tea trees from excessive sunlight. Then, the tea tree suppresses the production of bitterness, and produces umami ingredient. In addition, the temperature difference during the day due to the high altitude stores the umami ingredients in the tea leaves. This is why it is called a miracle terroir. In the samurai era, the rare tea leaves harvested here were not sold to the general public, but were presented to courts and generals. This area was the royal demesne. The word organic has become widespread throughout the world in recent decades, but Mino Shirakawa tea has been an organic farming method for 1200 years.


How do you want to enjoy matcha? Matcha and milk go great together. It also goes well with chocolate. Dalgona is also nice. How about a stylish meal with a little matcha topping on your dishes and sweets? Let's post the best shots on SNS. Matcha is powdered whole tea leaf. It's nice to be matcha quester while enjoying SNS.


Enjoy tcha-tcha Matcha and quality of your life.



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  • We also sell this product in Japan. Because it is a very rare tea leaves, the price of tea leaves fluctuates to upside than other products.
  • In addition, since we sell this product in dollar denominated price in Japan, the exchange rate will fluctuate. Due to these two factors, the product price may increase without notice.


Key facts:

We are registering as a "US FDA food facility".

Store of our French subsidiary is certified as a "Japanese Food Supporter Store".
Certification number: J000-033-182 tcha-tcha Confluence

tcha-tcha - Matcha- Mino Shirakawa 100g x100 pcs

  • This matcha is a ceremonial grade powdered tea made by powdering the 1st picked tea leaves of the season into fine particles. You can enjoy wide range of use.


    A characteristic of matcha is that it contains all ingredients of green tea leaf. You can enjoy it straight or as a latte mixed with milk. Enjoy matcha tea by adding boiling water to a small teaspoon powder.


    Japanese green tea, unlike black tea and Chinese tea, is categorized into non-fermented tea, and is a beverage that you can enjoy by extracting the ingredients. The best before date is actually effective for more than 2 years because it is sealed and packaged, but care must be taken since oxidation after opening will impair the flavor and reduce the active ingredients unique to Japanese green tea. Storage in cans, such as those found in Chinese tea shops, is not favorable. It is best to seal unused powder after opening and store them in a refrigerator if possible. The temperature does not need to be overly concerned, but be careful with oxidation. The powder oxidizes faster than the leaf type due to its increased surface area.