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"tcha-tcha Sencha" is a high-quality product of ZENJIRO's second brand green tea. This green tea leaves grown in the natural terroir of Japan's most noble cypress timber producing area, and is a very rare green tea that only produced 1 / 1000th of Japan's gross production. The share to the world green tea production is only 0.004%. The fog rising from the river to the mountain at an altitude of 800m moderately blocks sunlight and tea leaves become very soft.


We carefully selected the most high qualitied tea leaves of Mino Shirakawa’s green tea cultivation, which has a history of over 600 years. It is suitable for free styled tasting and easy to extract by both hot and cold water.

tcha-tcha - Sencha - Leaf 80g (2sku)

  • If hot, first extract theanine at 65 °C soft water and enjoy the umami. It has anti-stress action and can be relaxed. Extract the second cup at a higher temperature (70-80 °C) to taste the flavor of theanine and the astringent taste of catechin. Finally, extract catechins at high temperatures. Although its taste would be astringent, effects such as suppression of blood pressure increase, blood cholesterol control, blood glucose level control, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-cancer have been reported. You can enjoy theanine even in the cold water extracted drink. Even if theanine extracted at a low temperature is rewarmed, there is almost no loss of theanine unless it is warmed to 80 °C or higher.