Japanese Tea Time 

"Japanese Tea Time - Why ZENJIRO Style is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread" is now an e-book!
It is distributed worldwide by Apple Books.

Japan has over 1200 years of tea history, the second oldest in the world. However, not a few people do not know about Japanese tea world correctly. Japanese tea has many features that make it different from other teas, so this book introduces them. This book also covers some new know how, and anti-virus effects including relating COVID-19. If you read this book, you will become a Japanese-tea lover.

Table of Contents:

  1. A Japanese family

  2. Non-fermented tea

  3. Good medicine tastes bitter

  4. Basics of virus infection

  5. Antiviral effect of green tea

  6. How to enjoy delicious tea

  7. Arrangement using tea

  8. Storage and best before date

  9. Closing remarks

"Japanese Tea Time" is a digital magazine which the tea master ZENJIRO 禅地朗 presents you the world of Japanese green tea.