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1200 years of history of Japanese tea and the mission of ZENJIRO

Photo:"Mt. Fuji seen from Hakone" by ZENJIRO

  About Us  


Our business motto is to provide the best selected tea leaves for customers and to be earnest commitment for products development.

One of them is the discovery of the best tea producing terroir called Mino Shirakawa.

Even now, many Japanese do not know much about tea leaves from Mino Shirakawa. It may be because it was offered only to noble people such as shoguns, not ordinary people, in the samurai era, and it was in the central mountainous area, not on the Pacific side where tea is often produced.

However, under the same conditions as the best terroir of black tea, fog is generated and the umami component theanine increases dramatically, and the temperature difference during the day due to the high altitude stores the umami component in the tea leaves. The Mino Shirakawa tea leaves are delicious enough to captivate Japanese people who didn't know it. Mino Shirakawa tea is grown at the cultivation limit 850m of altitude and is picked by people's efforts. This altitude is twice height of other production areas, such as Shizuoka, Kyoto, Kagoshima. 

Of course, not only Mino Shirakawa, we also carefully select and offer tea leaves from other regions that are reasonably priced.

And the best environment for testing tea leaves in various parts of Japan is the development lab of Hakone Lake Ashi, Hakone, where is close to Mt Fuji.

It is a location where we can easily obtain various delicious soft water such as water from Mt Fuji, water from Komagatake in Hakone Lake Ashi, and water from Yamanashi prefecture, which is used for popular whiskey such as Suntory Hakushu. Hakone is a popular tourist destination and the biggest mountain resort for Japanese and foreigners, but it is also the best place for product development labs.

Soft water with the most appropriate hardness makes clear the difference in the picking season of Japanese tea leaves, the place of origin, the particle size of the powder, etc.

Shizuoka is the largest tea-producing region in Japan, and is also a place where tea leaves from all over the nation are concentrated. When driving west from our Hakone Lake Ashi Lab for 10 minutes, it is Shizuoka Prefecture. We also have a strong pipeline in Shizuoka, so we can provide products that meet a wide range of demands.

And this environment suggests to us the optimal purpose of use and enjoyment for each tea leaf.

We also sometimes experiment with ridiculous menus there, and go through a lot of trial and error there. Among them, the ones that are highly evaluated will be provided at the actual cafe operated by our company.

We are pleased to offer suggestions on how to use our tea leaves to our customers. The preference would change in different countries, but our mission is to provide tea leaves that suit your personality, suggest how to use them, and share your joy with us.


ZENJIRO (禅地朗) is our title of tea master blender and our Yago (its meaning "house and/or studio name" applied in traditional Japanese culture).

ZENJIRO is named after both the current place name OZENJI and the OZENJI temple, built by the ancient Emperor in 757 AD. This OZENJI temple was one of the oldest groups that drank tea 1200 years ago. Surprisingly it was prior era 700 years to the tea master Sen no Rikyu who established the tea ceremony style.

The founder ZENJIRO, who is a descent of two ancient samurai commander family’s lineage, has spent a long time in the finance and IT industries. One day, he researched old history about Japanese green tea, and was impressed by the fact that green tea was used as a medicine. He visited various production areas of the high-quality green tea and finally reached the current terroir. The tea garden at this place was also exceptional.

Artistic Tea Blending
ZENJIRO creates our proprietary branded tea products collaborating with tea masters of the production area. The conductor of the orchestra is ZENJIRO, but sometimes plays musical instruments by ourselves.

Our mission is to choose the best tea leaves, to design products that can extract the best ingredients as efficiently as possible, and to blend them according to the purpose of the products. We do not hesitate to repeat this careful process over time and do not save time in order to make the best products.

Our Quality Standards
Green tea is fundamentally different from black tea and Chinese tea. By stopping the fermentation by heat treatment, components such as theanine and catechin are maintained without alteration. The biggest enemy of Japanese green tea is oxidation. For this reason, we do not sell tea leaves in classic tea tubes or tea boxes. Tea bag type products use air-blocking material rather than paper envelopes. It is better to consume quickly after opening, but the ingredient quality is maintained for a long time in an unopened state. Don't give up even after the expiration date. The scent is reduced, but the ingredients remain the same. Unlike black tea and Chinese tea, Japanese green tea has a weak fragrance, but rather for enjoying its ingredients.

We have been making many small innovations in the details of the relationship between tea bags and packaging and tea leaves as well. There is a view that cutting the finest tea leaves finely is crazy. But we don't hesitate to do it for the purpose to deliver the best value to our customers.

The JYXYER Group has its headquarters in Kanagawa Prefecture, where Japanese cities and nature coexist, and Lab in the Hakone resort area. ‹‹ZENJIRO›› brand is our high-end brand of green tea. Our products is made research and development in Japan.

Our mission is to deliver best Japanese green tea products  and to contribute relaxing of our customers.

JYXYER Hakone Labo
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